Wednesday, November 8, 2017


I love our banquet.  I already miss it all.  Photos courtesy of Pastor Greenawalt.  

We had a great season, and I am sad that it's over.  But!  But, we will be back before you know it.

Monday, November 6, 2017

This is the end...

Well, the season has come to a close.  Beka and Maddie went to States and did all I expected and more.  Beka placed 37th (our highest female finisher ever) and Maddie was 91st as a sophomore.  Just a great job by both runners!  Here is the link if interested.

The banquet is tomorrow at 6:30pm and is a dessert only festivity.

I will talk.  The kids will talk.  We will share the end of another great season.  

See you there!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Bittersweet is the taste...

We have two varsity girls who are headed to Hershey.  What a great day! The girls team placed 4th overall and had a day to remember.  Look at the results here to see how we did in all of the day's races.  

Beka and Maddie are rock stars!

Many runners had P.R.s and that is the true measure of your day's effort. It is always hard to see the season close, particularly for the seniors, but to finish as we did was a real blessing. 

Congratulations to all of our runners are a fine season and on wonderful careers.

Beka and Maddie will continue to practice this week to prepare for our trip to Hershey.  We will depart this Friday around 8am.  We will be staying at a Courtyard Marriott about 20 minutes from the race, which is at the Giant Center.  

It will be a special day, next Saturday, as we race and try to get some gold in the chocolate capital of the world.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Jr. High Finishes Strong

Our Junior High season has ended. It's always bittersweet to end it all.  The results are here

Three medalists performed quite well:  Paige took 18th, Sam took 2nd, and Landon took 5th.  Not too shabby!

Districts for varsity is Saturday.  We leave at 7am sharp.  We will stop at Golden Corral after the race.  Bring some money for our post-race celebration.  All of the junior high is expected unless they have other plans (as their season is officially over).  We would like them all to see the event, though, if they can make it.

Jr. High:  Please wash and pack all of your uniform after Districts and bring to my room next week some time.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Region 3 Invitational and D10 Championship Packet

Last Saturday was a pretty good day!  

Our varsity girls raced a good race to finish 3rd, right where they were in the Tuesday Region events.

Our boys were 8th, ahead of CASH, just like during the Region events, as well.

Our Junior High Boys crushed it!  They were first (by a good amount) and also claimed the Region 3 season title.  We were tied with Rocky Grove with losses (1), but since we had beaten them, we were declared champs.

Individual performances:

Varsity Boys:  Gabe D- 19:12, 17th; Devin N-20:45, 38th; Nathan D-20:51, 40th; Isaac L-20:52, 50th; Erik Murphy-21:48, 53rd.

Varsity Girls:  Beka M-21:13, 2nd; Maddie M-22:05, 5th; Karley P-23:21, 18th; Karleigh S-23:22, 19th; Emily S-23:55, 23rd; Erika C-24:08, 25th; Cassidy B-26:00, 35th; Lexie V-28:57, 43rd.

Jr. High Boys: Sam H-10:17, 1st; Landon C-10:30, 3rd; Ryland L-11:19, 8th; Conrad W-11:31, 11th; Ed H-12:43, 29th, Quincy Z-14:26, 51st; Toby G-14:53, 53rd; Ezra M-18:53, 60th.

Jr. High Girls:  Paige F-12:10, 3rd; Kylie B-12:32, 4th.

We had 8 medalists.  It was a good day!

The Junior High is in action for the last time this Wednesday--see information above.

The D10 Championship is this Saturday at Buhl Park (Sharpsville again).  We are hoping to get a few qualifiers for the State Championships in Hershey the following Saturday.  The information for Saturday is posted above, too.

We will eat at Golden Corral after the race (bring money).

Friday, October 20, 2017

Region 3 Meet Times--Maplewood

Tomorrow's race times:

10am - Jr. High Girls
10:30 - Jr. High Boys
11am - Varsity Girls
11:45 - Varsity Boys
12:30 - Awards Ceremony

Also, parking may present a problem because of a volleyball event at the same time.  So please arrive early or plan on walking from where you may end up parking.  

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Region 3 Results

What a nice season.  After all of our Region 3 conference meets, we are ready for the post season.  Here are our results:

   B - 1-7 (first win in two seasons)
   G - 6-2 (another great season, but not enough for the title)
Jr. High
   B - 7-1 (may have won a share of the Region title)
   G - 0-4 (not enough for a team)

Our Region 3 championship is coming up at Maplewood next Saturday.  I think we are ready to do very well.